Month: June 2021

React Component Tree – React JS APP

Most React apps are single page applications with component tree. The size of component tree may increase as per the size of the application... Read more »

JavaScript Online Editor – Run, Test, Debug JS Codes

There are many online tools related to web coding technologies for running and testing codes online. JavaScript also has many such supported tools. Here... Read more »

Create new React App with TypeScript Template

How to create a new React App using TypeScript with help of npx create-react-app. We can easily create a new TypeScript React App with... Read more »

TypeScript: Generic type definitions

Generic type definitions in TypeScript are useful in certain cases with function definitions. In some cases the function may accept any type of input... Read more »

TypeScript: Type Definition for Functions

In typescript, we have to define types for a function definition. It may include type definitions for function parameters and type for the function... Read more »

TypeScript: Type Alias – to avoid duplicate type definitions

To avoid duplication or repeated type definitions, we have the type alias in TypeScript. We can do this easily using the type keyword in... Read more »

TypeScript: Union Types – Multiple types for a variable

Union Type definition in TypeScript allows us to have multiple types for a variable. For example, we can have the type of string and... Read more »

Type Inference inTypeScript – Defining Inferred type

TypeScript tries to infer as many types as possible by default in certain cases. It tries to know which types are used without us... Read more »

TypeScript Type definition, examples for Beginners – React, Node

Lets look into basic types in typescript and its common usages with examples. We will be checking out the primitive type definitions in typescript... Read more »

React JS : Save Data in Local Storage, Get Data

How to save data to browser storage in our React JS App. If we are storing the data to the local storage of the... Read more »