Month: December 2020

VS Code Editor Shortcut for HTML Boilerplate code

We can easily generate the boilerplate code for a basic Html file in the popular editor VS Code. This can be achieved by some... Read more »

How to handle POST request in Express JS

POST request can be received to the server and response can be given to that using express js. eg:"/", function(req, res){ res.send("Thanks for... Read more »

Route incoming request to an HTML file in Express JS

In this tutorial we gonna check how we can direct our incoming request to an html file. So here we gonna use express js's... Read more »

Handling Form Data POST request in Express

How to get form data using express js. POST form data and receive at the backend. Install bodyParser npm i body-parser For parsing the... Read more »

How to get root directory path using Express JS Code

How to print or get the root project folder path while coding in express JS. The root folder is the main project folder where... Read more »

nodemon – Utility for autoRestart Node Server on Code Changes

Nodemon is one of the most useful node packages that save a lot of time during code changes. Normally every time we make changes... Read more »

Routes in Express JS Examples

Express routes helps to route incoming request to specific pages. There will be request and response parameters. Below you can find a sample code... Read more »

WordPress Page Title php Code

Generate custom titles for the wordpress pages using php code. Title for the landing or homepage , tags page, post page etc. can be... Read more »

Node – Express JS Server

Create and express-js server. Express Js is a framework that helps building apps more easier using the node js. Steps for using Express: Create... Read more »

Git Basics

Lets learn how to track file changes using git. Initially we gonna create a folder in desktop - book cd Desktop mkdir book cd... Read more »