Tag: Mantine UI React Examples

Mantine UI – Notification with loader and update

Notify data update with notification - Mantine UI loader and then success or failure message notification with icons. Mantine Notification Loader icon and success... Read more »

Mantine UI : Custom style for mobile device

How to give custom css for mobile devices using mantine UI, React JS app example. import { useMediaQuery } from '@mantine/hooks'; function SelectLang({ languages,... Read more »

Mantine UI – onBlur, onChange not working TextInput, Input – Solution

Fix or solution for not working of onBlur and onChange in Mantine UI forms. How to trigger onBlur, onChange in mantine UI for field... Read more »

Mantine UI – Using theme colors

How to use theme colors in mantine UI for styling in css, custom styles borderColor: theme.colors.yellow[6], Full Example import { createStyles } from '@mantine/core';... Read more »