Month: January 2021

Weather App JS Project – Full Code

Weather App project is a simple project for using weather API. This app is build using Express JS for learning beginners exploring APIs. This... Read more »

How to print the Status Code of API response

We may get response from an API while making an https request. We can do console.log and view the whole https response. Looking at... Read more »

VS Code Shortcut for comment – Windows and Mac

In VS Code editor we can easily comment out some line of code. This can be done using a cool keyboard shortcut. For applying... Read more »

How to send multiple lines of HTML in res.send – Javascript

We can send multiple lines of HTML through the res.send the response in node js. This can be done by using the res.write() Eg:... Read more »

Weather API – Node JS Sample API Project

In this project, we gonna create a weather updates webpage using Node & Express JS. We are using the weather API provided by OpenWeather.... Read more »

View JSON Data as a Tree Structure – Chrome Extension

JSON responses can be easily viewed in a tree structure using with the help of a chrome extension. So we gonna discuss that extension... Read more »

Chrome Extention for Beautifying JSON Data

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is one of the favorite format used for passing data around the internet. Its commonly used formats with APIs. We... Read more »


JSON refers to JavaScript Object Notation. Its mainly used for the purpose of passing data around the internet. Its made up of objects, key-value... Read more »

Using POSTMAN for API Testing – Endpoints, Auth

In this post we gonna checkout how easily we can use the POSTMAN APP. This app is used for testing our APIs. The steps... Read more »

Flutter – Dart Asynchronous Program Example

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