Mongo DB Shell Commands – Git Bash Terminal

Intiate the db, by


Open new bash terminal and enter command


Now we can start using the mongo shell, just try the basic commands


Show Databases

show dbs

Create New Database

use newDBname

eg: use shopDB

View Current Database


Create New Collection / Insert Data

Collections in Mongo DB is similar to tables in SQL. They are collection of document. Document is a single data record. In SQL its called a single row.

eg: db.products.insertOne({_id: 1, name: "Book", price:50})

View Collections

show collections

Read Data from Mongo Database


Eg: db.products.find()

Eg: db.products.find({name:"Book"})

Eg: db.products.find({price: {$gt: 10}})

Using Projections

Projects are used as the second parameter in the find(), it gets value 0 or 1

eg: db.products.find({_id:1}, {name:1, _id:0})

Update record in mongoDB

db.products.updateOne({_id: 1}, {$set: {stock:32}})

The first parameter is id and the second one is the new record.

Delete a record in mongoDB

db.products.deleteOne({_id: 2})

Relationships in mongoDB

Delete a database in mongoDB

Firstly switch to the database,

use shopDB

Dropping the database


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