Flutter Text Animation Package Tutorial

Implementing flutter animations is made more simple and easy with the use of the Animation packages. There are many flutter animation packages available. In this post, we gonna check out a text animation package and use it in our flutter app.

We are going to use animated_text_kit package

Install package

       animated_text_kit: ^4.2.0

Import Package

import 'package:animated_text_kit/animated_text_kit.dart';

Animation on Text – usage sample code

              children: <Widget>[
                  tag: 'logo',
                  child: Container(
                    child: Image.asset('images/logo.png'),
                    height: 60.0,
                 text: ['Flash Chat'],
                  textStyle: TextStyle(
                    fontSize: 45.0,
                    fontWeight: FontWeight.w900,

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